Swisstrade Security Doors Ltd is the leading manufacturer and retailer of all types of Solid security doors for every building.
We provide wholistic door solutions to homes, offices, hotels, banks, government and non governmental building projects.

Our comprehensive door inventory includes
* Bullet proof Armoured doors
* Internal and toilet doors
* Pivot doors
* Steel security doors
* Hotel doors
* Biometric , thumbprint or facial recognition security doors
* Bank vault doors
* Fire rated doors
* Wooden doors
* Toughened glass doors
* Copper doors
* Grandeur historical doors
* High traffic entrance doors
* Customized doors for every size , specifications and colours


Swisstrade giant leap to the top in armoured steel door manufacturing became an immediate success with great satisfaction from the public and consumers alike, who having studied the foundational and operational principle of the company, vouched for its ability to assess the needs of the market and its capacity to produce doors of the highest quality in accordance with international standards.

Swisstrade is operated in the principle of “QUALITY FIRST” which has been a guiding tool in our campaign for state-of-the-art technology in armored state security door production that remains tightly knitted, as we apply quality control system right from raw material selection through all the stages of production and finally during delivery. This system enables us to very reasonably avoid defects in any of our doors. SWISSTRADE Doors is certified by international quality and standards organizations from production through to assembling and delivery.


We house several large scale capacity productions and are assemble plants, supported by modern sophisticated equipments and computer technology for our production which makes our doors unrivalled globally.

We at SWISSTRADE understand the diversity and peculiarities of different regions and countries. Hence, special attention has been given to all our clients. We have successfully combined beauty with durability in our doors of unbeatable quality around the world. SWISSTRADE armored steel security doors are highly dependable, adaptable and durable.

With an overview of modern architectural design and finishing and very large production capacity annually, we strive to ensure that not only must our products maintain our high quality international standard, but our finishing must complement the structure and satisfaction of the customers’ individual preference.

Our highly competent staffs are on hand for general welfare, maintenance and expertise advice of our doors at any location.

The maintenance-free nature of our doors offers you greater value and remains economically efficient anytime anywhere.


   The factory having a total covered area of 26,000 sq/meters, also exports to 11 countries.

The Factory produces 100% natural solid wood products and high quality special wooden products for senior level projects by emphasizing quality and aesthetics in its products with its respect for the nature and people and belief to increase quality of living.

The factory produces massive solid wooden panels, massive and plated inner doors, furniture designed for prestigious projects such as residences, hotels, hospitals etc. Wooden packaging materials especially wooden cable reel. All wooden based raw materials are in conformity with the European standards and E1 norms and are harmful for human health.

If solid furniture is not produced under suitable conditions, certain distortions of shape and some unwanted problems may arise (since the material used is totally natural). The products of the factory are kept subject to heat process with 4 drying ovens of 500cubic meters in volume located in the factory. The energy necessary for the drying ovens is generated from recycling of wastes that are formed during production in the factory. The living cells in the wood are eliminated with the heat process and humidity ratio is decreased to the optimum level (8-12%) and hence the risk of deformation is eliminated and the products gain the feature to the last for generations.

The Factory having a total covered area of 16,000 square meters, also exports to 11 countries in addition to its domestic sales to all parts where human individuality is present, are prepared with high level tree processing technologies and produced in a manner as if produced by a master.


  1. Security Door
  2. Fully Reinforced against Bullets
  3. Galvanised Steel Door
  4. Fire Proof
  5. Anti-Rust
  6. Finest Insulated Wood Finish
  7. Electroplated Steel frames
  8. Personalised Design
  9. Pinhole Security
  10. Door Knocker
  11. Standard/Custom Sizes
  12. Continuous Quality Improvement
  13. After sale Services
  14. Installation at any location
  15. Prompt Delivery Service
  16. 24/7 Call Service
  17. Price friendly

Visit us before committing to any door.

  1. After Sales Service
  2. Fixing at any location
  3. 1 year Service

Available doors sizes include;Door Sizes

  1. 750mm (2ft 6’’) x 2100mm (7ft)
  2. 800mm (2ft 8’’) x 2100mm (7ft)
  3. 900mm (3ft)      x 2100mm (7ft)
  4. 1000mm (3ft 4’’) x 2100mm (7ft)
  5. 1200mm (4ft)      x 2100mm (7ft)
  6. 1500mm (5ft)      x 2100mm (7ft)
  7. 1800mm (6ft)      x 2100mm (7ft)
  8. 750mm (2ft 6’’) x 2400mm (8ft)
  9. 800mm (2ft 8’’) x 2400mm (8ft)
  10. 900mm (3ft)      x 2400mm (8ft)
  11. 1000mm (3ft 4’’) x 2400mm (8ft)
  12. 1200mm (4ft)      x 2400mm (8ft)
  13. 1500mm (5ft)      x 2400mm (8ft)
  14. 1800mm (6ft)      x 2400mm (8ft)

Other sizes can be customized according to client needs both in height and width

Our Onyx, Granite and Tile are available in the following sizes;

  1. 45 x 45
  2. 60 x 60
  3. 90 x 90
  4. 120 x 90

Customised sizes of our Marble also exist.

Advance Options

To Open the Door from Outside

When you enter the passcode, the door will open automatically. After you close the door, it will lock the door automatically.

To Open the Door from Inside

When you want to go outside, just push the button to unlock the door automatically.

To Open the Door Manually

You can open the door manually from outside and inside. From outside you can use your key and from the inside you can use handle to unlock the door manually.