Our Technical Info


  1. Security Door
  2. Fully Reinforced against Bullets
  3. Galvanised Steel Door
  4. Fire Proof
  5. Anti-Rust
  6. Finest Insulated Wood Finish
  7. Electroplated Steel frames
  8. Personalised Design
  9. Pinhole Security
  10. Door Knocker
  11. Standard/Custom Sizes
  12. Continuous Quality Improvement
  13. After sale Services
  14. Installation at any location
  15. Prompt Delivery Service
  16. 24/7 Call Service
  17. Price friendly

Visit us before committing to any door.

We Undertake

  1. After Sales Service
  2. Fixing at any location
  3. 1 year Service

Available doors sizes include;Door Sizes

  1. 750mm (2ft 6’’) x 2100mm (7ft)
  2. 800mm (2ft 8’’) x 2100mm (7ft)
  3. 900mm (3ft)      x 2100mm (7ft)
  4. 1000mm (3ft 4’’) x 2100mm (7ft)
  5. 1200mm (4ft)      x 2100mm (7ft)
  6. 1500mm (5ft)      x 2100mm (7ft)
  7. 1800mm (6ft)      x 2100mm (7ft)
  8. 750mm (2ft 6’’) x 2400mm (8ft)
  9. 800mm (2ft 8’’) x 2400mm (8ft)
  10. 900mm (3ft)      x 2400mm (8ft)
  11. 1000mm (3ft 4’’) x 2400mm (8ft)
  12. 1200mm (4ft)      x 2400mm (8ft)
  13. 1500mm (5ft)      x 2400mm (8ft)
  14. 1800mm (6ft)      x 2400mm (8ft)

Other sizes can be customized according to client needs both in height and width

Our Onyx, Granite and Tile are available in the following sizes;

  1. 45 x 45
  2. 60 x 60
  3. 90 x 90
  4. 120 x 90

Customised sizes of our Marble also exist.

Advance Options

To Open the Door from Outside

When you enter the passcode, the door will open automatically. After you close the door, it will lock the door automatically.


To Open the Door from Inside

When you want to go outside, just push the button to unlock the door automatically.


To Open the Door Manually

You can open the door manually from outside and inside. From outside you can use your key and from the inside you can use handle to unlock the door manually.