Door Sizes

Available door sizes include;

  • 750mm (2ft 6’’) x 2100mm (7ft)
  • 800mm (2ft 8’’) x 2100mm (7ft)
  • 900mm (3ft)      x 2100mm (7ft)
  • 1000mm (3ft 4’’) x 2100mm (7ft)
  • 1200mm (4ft)      x 2100mm (7ft)
  • 1500mm (5ft)      x 2100mm (7ft)
  • 1800mm (6ft)      x 2100mm (7ft)
  • 750mm (2ft 6’’) x 2400mm (8ft)
  • 800mm (2ft 8’’) x 2400mm (8ft)
  • 900mm (3ft)      x 2400mm (8ft)
  • 1000mm (3ft 4’’) x 2400mm (8ft)
  • 1200mm (4ft)      x 2400mm (8ft)
  • 1500mm (5ft)      x 2400mm (8ft)
  • 1800mm (6ft)      x 2400mm (8ft)

Other sizes can be customized according to client needs both in height and width

Various DESIGNS, FINISHINGS and COLOURS available!