Our Factory

The factory having a total covered area of 16,000 sq/meters, also exports to 11 countries.

Our Factory

The Factory produces 100% natural solid wood products and high quality special wooden products for senior level projects by emphasizing quality and aesthetics in its products with its respect for the nature and people and belief to increase quality of living.

The factory produces massive solid wooden panels, massive and plated inner doors, furniture designed for prestigious projects such as residences, hotels, hospitals etc. Wooden packaging materials especially wooden cable reel. All wooden based raw materials are in conformity with the European standards and E1 norms and are harmful for human health.

If solid furniture is not produced under suitable conditions, certain distortions of shape and some unwanted problems may arise (since the material used is totally natural). The products of the factory are kept subject to heat process with 4 drying ovens of 500cubic meters in volume located in the factory. The energy necessary for the drying ovens is generated from recycling of wastes that are formed during production in the factory. The living cells in the wood are eliminated with the heat process and humidity ratio is decreased to the optimum level (8-12%) and hence the risk of deformation is eliminated and the products gain the feature to the last for generations.

The Factory having a total covered area of 16,000 square meters, also exports to 11 countries in addition to its domestic sales to all parts where human individuality is present, are prepared with high level tree processing technologies and produced in a manner as if produced by a master.

Swisstrade Factory