Our Company

Swisstrade OfficeSwisstrade® is the world's number one armoured Steel Security door company with an eye on quality.

Our giant leap to the top in armoured steel door manufacturing became an immediate success with great satisfaction from the public and consumers alike, who having studied the foundational and operational principle of the company, vouched for its ability to assess the needs of the market and its capacity to produce doors of the highest quality in accordance with international standards.

 The operational principle of "QUALITY FIRST" has been a guiding tool in our campaign for state-of-the-art technology in armored state security door production that remains tightly knitted, as we apply quality control system right from raw material selection through all the stages of production and finally during delivery. This system enables us to very reasonably avoid defects in any of our doors. SWISSTRADE Doors is certified by international quality and standards organizations from production through to assembling and delivery.

We have grown from strength to strength only by a continuous drive for constant improvement, assessment and innovations. Therefore, through experience and unwavering tradition, SWISSTRADE has gained market confidence and international recognition. Thus, we have set out to expand into new horizons and dominate new boundaries with the establishment of SWISSTRADE all around the world. In all countries established, we have received numerous quality available and accolades, reward for our stringent operational principle of "QUALITY FIRST".

SWISSTRADE, houses several large scale capacity productions and are assemble plants, supported by modern sophisticated equipments and computer technology for our production which makes our doors unrivalled globally.

Today, we present to our esteemed customers and various distributors a state-of-the-art modern and technologically inclined craftsmanship concept doors that are not merely steel plated, rather armored steel insulated security doors. Our doors are aesthetically designed to suit every tastes and preference following a vast array of designs, finishes, colors, dimensions and features revolving systematically through all the combining factors from the leaves, frames, architraves, locks and accessories to your wall.

SWISSTRADE DOORS therefore stands out as the most preferred brand in homes, offices, banks, hotels, parastatals…and everywhere the want for a door is present.

We at SWISSTRADE understand the diversity and peculiarities of different regions and countries. Hence, special attention has been given to our African clientele. We have researched and hence produced doors suitable to the harsh tropicalised and humid weather conditions prevalent in Africa while also keeping true to its beauty with an impeccable finishing. We have successfully combined beauty with durability in our doors of unbeatable quality around Africa. The dynamic security threats within locations in Africa, SWISSTRADE armored steel security doors are highly dependable, adaptable and durable.

Our capacity includes mass produced standard size or specially manufactured on individuals request and dimension also paying attention to trivial details with the use of rich and functional accessories.

With an overview of modern architectural design and finishing and very large production capacity annually, we strive to ensure that not only must our products maintain our high quality international standard, but our finishing must complement the structure and satisfaction of the customers’ individual preference.

SWISSTRADE highly competent staffs are on hand for general welfare, maintenance and expertise advice of our doors at any location.

The maintenance-free nature of our doors offers you greater value and remains economically efficient anytime anywhere.

...our stringent operational principle of "QUALITY FIRST"