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Swisstrade OfficeSwisstrade® Securities Limited is the world's number one armoured Steel Security door company with an eye on quality.

Our giant leap to the top in armoured steel door manufacturing became an immediate success with great satisfaction from the public and consumers alike, who having studied the foundational and operational principle of the company, vouched for its ability to assess the needs of the market and its capacity to produce doors of the highest quality in accordance with international standards.

Product Range

Enter the world of luxury Swisstrade doors, finishings and accessories


ST02 Walnut

Single Doors, Double Doors, Historic Doors and more



Boardrooms, Kitchens, Cafe's, Hospitals and more

Finishings & Fittings

Finishings and Fittings

Stainless Steel Rails, Sanitary Wares, Marble and more



Fountains, Exotic Vases, Cabinets, Flowers and more